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4525 N Main St.
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Our testimonials

I love my new garage door!  It’s very quiet and smooth to operate and it’s really beautiful. My house looks a lot better now than before. I would definitely recommend them. Thanks a bunch, Howard Garage Doors.


The installer was very friendly and accommodating. I realized later that I was asking lots of questions about my garage while he was working but he was polite and he was answering them properly. And he did a great job too on the garage door. 

Harry S. Oberry

Well, no complaints here. Everything looks good and works well. The repair tech is very professional and knowledgeable and the repair was done faster than I expected. Great job Howard Garage Doors.

Ellen McClaine

“Before, I can’t make up my mind if replacing my old garage door is worth the cost. But seeing how it turned out, I’m happy that I did. Having Howard Garage Doors to do the service is also the right decision. The technician they sent came quickly to do an inspection and his explanation of the issues was clear and convincing. He was very transparent about the expenses I have to pay for each of the services since I said I was budget conscious. He was also very courteous and professional and the work was done in no time too. It’s definitely worth the cost, thank you very much.”

Matthew Neihoff

 “Great job. Staff is polite and professional. Definitely 5 stars.”


“At first, I didn’t want to replace my old garage door because we are planning to sell the house next year anyway. But some of my friends thought it would be a good idea to replace it anyway and one of them recommended Howard Garage Doors. She had a new garage door installed by them just a few months ago and she said she was happy with their service. So, my husband and I talked it out and we decided to go for it. We called them and discussed with them the plan and they quickly sent their staff to do the job. He was very thorough on the inspection and he was discussing with us exactly what he’ll be doing. He was very professional. After the job is done and he left, we were convinced that we made the right decision. I’m pretty sure the value of our house just skyrocketed with this new beautiful garage door we have. We might even consider not selling the house now, just kidding.”

Laurie Chase

  “I haven’t given any testimonial or anything to anyone before but I felt compelled to do so after experiencing a great service from Howard Garage Doors. First of all, when we were discussing the details the staff is very polite and patient. His explanation is very thorough and detailed and really gives off a vibe that he knows exactly what he’ll be doing. Then the scheduling was efficient, I can choose the perfect time for me to make them do the installation of my garage door. And when the time came, they were here early, which sadly in my experience is not a very common occurrence with other professional services. Then we discussed more the project while he was conducting the inspection. He is fast but has attention to details. Then after working for more than 2 hours, my new door is finished. They were professional to the very end. I’ll definitely recommend them to my family and friends. Great job guys!”

Ronald E. Moore

“These guys definitely know what they are doing. I needed to repair my garage door because of some unfortunate accident that happened around the house just last week. I asked for a recommendation from my brother and luckily, he referred Howard Garage Doors to me. The entire process was seamless. From estimates to scheduling all the way up to finish the doors. I’m happy with their service. And I’m definitely happy with the way my garage door looks now. Some people who have seen our house before might even say it looks more beautiful, steady and secured than before it was broken. Thanks to my brother for recommending Howard’s service and thanks to Howard Garage Door for this great new-looking door I have.”

David Napolitano

   “Wow. They went over and beyond the repair, I was asking. Our garage door now looks better than ever. It was a fast job too and the repair tech is very knowledgeable and professional. And the best thing is, he even gave us tips on how to properly maintain our new garage doors and the garage in general. You would think he shouldn’t do that because fewer repairs needed means fewer customers for them but he did anyway. He was patient and detailed when explaining all the important stuff to us. Now we know a deal lot more on how to maintain our garage and the door of course. It’s like an extra service with no extra charge. I hope this guy gets a raise. Thank you very much. Definitely one of the best service technicians I have ever encountered.”


  “One thing that always bothers me is security. We’re not living on a particularly burglar prone area but it’s always better to be safe. So, when our garage door broke down due to an accident, I freaked out. There is no way I’m gonna sleep well tonight knowing that burglars have an easy access to my garage. So after few consultations with my friends, I called Howard Garage Doors to employ their service. I probably sounded more frantic than appropriate that time while explaining how urgent I need my garage door to be repaired but they understood. I haven’t even waited for more than 20 minutes when their staff came to my house. The staff did his thing and in less than 2 hours, my garage door now looks better than ever. It looked a lot more secure too. Problem solved. Thank you, Howard Garage Doors, I owe you one.”

Sean Watt