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Garage Door Repair

A garage door apparently secures the cars, items, and anything stored in the garage and may act as an additional protection for your home. It can be made from numerous different materials such as fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, wood, or steel. It also comes in many different styles available such as a single panel, roller, and sectional doors.

Through years of use, parts of a garage door may be damaged. A faulty door can cause property damage or injury. So, to guarantee that you, your loved ones, and the property are safe, repairs of garage doors should be left to the hands of the professionals.

There are many reasons why a garage door will not work including but not limited to the following:

    The metal track is misaligned. Bends in the rails and gaps between the rail and rollers usually make it dangerous to operate the garage door.

    If the door does not close, the photo-eye may be dirty or out of alignment.

    If the garage door does not work, the batteries on the transmitter may be in need of replacement.

    If the door closes or opens randomly, the transmitter may be stuck. There may be something lying on the control mechanism or the garage opener of your neighbor is on the same frequency as yours so your door opens when they open theirs.

    The torsion springs may be broken. This spring is what lifts the garage door and once it is broken, you will not be able to operate the door. If your garage door has broken springs, it will be best to call the professionals than doing the repair yourself. Repairing a broken spring is one of the most dangerous door repairs so utmost care should be taken.

    If the garage door closes with a bang, the tension spring or cables may be broken. Just like the torsion spring, it is also dangerous to work on this component. Don’t risk your safety. Call the professionals. Howard Garage Doors trained technicians can help you fix it safely in no time.

If you cannot pinpoint the problem, do not hesitate to contact our Howard Garage Doors. Our team has experience working on almost every garage door concern and can immediately spot the problem and provide the necessary fixes.

Why Leave Garage Door Repair to Howard Garage Door Repair Houston TX professionals?

Browse the internet and you will see many tutorials, how-to, and guides on how to repair a broken part of a garage door. A DIY garage door repair may seem practical at first glance. But having known the nature of garage door repair for numerous years of servicing Houston property owners, it would be advisable to leave the tasks to the skilled technicians unless otherwise, you are one yourself.

If you really want to pursue a DIY project, we suggest you read the following reasons why trained technicians from a professional and reliable garage door repair company should handle the repair.

1. The Safety Factor

Conducting a garage door repair can be risky. The garage door is generally heavy. The weight depends on the material used. A single door made with steel exterior can weight about 130 – 175 pounds or 60 to 80 kilograms. A double door, on the other hand, can weight from 260 – 350 pounds or 100 – 160 kilograms. A problem with the broken spring or cable can lead to the entire garage door falling or coming down.

A door is a moving object. Hence, when it falls down, the door can crash down or injure anything or anyone near it. Therefore, refrain from repairing the garage doors yourself unless otherwise you are equipped with the essential knowledge, tools, and experience doing so. You don’t want to seriously harm your loved ones or anyone around, don’t you? So instead, call the professional garage door repair technicians.

At Howard Garage Doors, safety is an utmost priority. Our team takes safety precautions to make certain that no further damage will be caused by the repair project. As soon as the trained technician reaches your place, they will assess the condition of your garage door and determine what are the risks and measures to avoid it.

2. Hassle-free

When doing a DIY garage door repair project, you’ll apparently handle everything from figuring out what the problem is, buying the needed tools, and many more. You may not be able to complete the repair, cause more damage, or fail to do the repair right in the first place that may cause further trouble and hassle. With the help of adept technicians with experience and excellent reputation, on the other hand, you are sure that the problem will be fixed.

The professional technicians will take care of everything. You will do nothing but tell us your requirements and wait for the repair to be done. With experience, knowledge, and state-of-the-art tools, our team will make certain that the repair will be finished in the fastest time possible. During the repair process, we make sure that the procedure will hinder you from doing your day-to-day activities.

3. Experienced technicians

With years of experience comes knowledge to complete garage door repair in the fastest way possible. Our technicians have been repairing garage door in the field for years now and have dealt with different concerns. Hence, they know exactly what to do with your garage door issue.

Moreover, you know that the repair is done right. Usually, when you sell a home and there’s a damage caused by improper or faulty repair, the owner is held liable. Meaning to say, you may still need to pay for repair costs, medical bills, and even court fees. Hiring professionals may cost you some bucks, but the investment is surely worth it and may even help you save more in the future.

So, in case any part of your garage door has been damaged, call the professionals as soon as you can. Trained technicians can place the correct parts of the garage door properly so dangerous situations can be avoided.