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4525 N Main St.
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Howard Garage Doors is your trusted and professional local provider of a wide range of garage door services to homeowners and property owners around Houston, TX. We are proud to have a team of experienced and dedicated technicians and staff who will assist you throughout the completion of the project. Our trained staff and technicians are also equipped with topnotch tools needed to deliver quality yet affordable service. So, whatever your garage door need is, our team will always be at your service.

With many other garage door service providers in Houston TX, why should you choose Howard Garage Doors? Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy.
Round-the-clock Service
The parts of a garage door or the door itself may malfunction any time of the day. It gives no warning. When the door malfunctions or any of its parts have been broken at midnight, you sure want to look for a technician who can fix the concern immediately. Waiting can be a pain in the head and in the pocket. Howard Garage Doors understands that garage door breakdown chooses no time in the day so we make sure there are trained technicians who can attend to your needs 24/7. We are here to help you. Our team is committed and remain available when you need our assistance the most.

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Fair Rates

Garage door installation and repair tasks can be pretty dangerous considering how huge the item one needs to fix. Apart from the risks, you’ll also need to purchase the essential materials. Despite it all, Howard Garage Doors Houston TX still makes certain that each client who asks for our help will get a quality service at a fair price. Moreover, there will be no surprise or hidden charges.

Local Company

Howard Garage Doors is a locally operated garage door service provider. Meaning to say, our team knows and understands exactly what the garage door service, installation, and repair needs are. We can help you choose the best possible products in the market so you’ll have a strong garage door that will last for years. As a local company, you can easily reach us and expect a timely response.


Howard Garage Doors offers a wide range of garage door services including but not limited to the following:

Fix Bent Track

Garage door tracks are composed of curved, horizontal, and vertical tracks. These tracks play an important role in the door system. They are responsible for holding the door in its proper place whether it is closed or open. So it is essential to make sure it is always in its best condition. When bent, a repair will do. Although some try to fix bent track themselves, we recommend you seek help from the professionals. Our experts will not only fix the bent in no time but can also find any further damage that may already need attention.

Fix Broken Cables

Garage door cables serve a number of purposes such as to counterbalance the door’s spring or prevent an extension spring from flying or falling. The cable that serves the latter purpose is also known as retaining cable which is typically used on overhead garage door types with stretch-type or extension spring. The cable that counterbalances the spring, on the other hand, is also called as the lift cable. Cables break in time because of wear and tear. Considering the tension from the cables, it will be best to leave the task of fixing the broken ones to the trained technicians.

Openers Service

An opener is a vital component of a garage door. This mechanism controls the opening and closing of the door. Howard Garage Door has a team of expert technicians who can help you either with opener installation, repair or replacements. We can also help you find a wide array of quality products such as keyless entry systems and remotes. So there is nothing to worry about your garage door openers anymore.

Panel Replacement

Panel Replacement Through years of use, garage door panels will wear out, break or crack. It cannot be avoided since this garage door part is usually exposed to outdoor elements such as moisture and heat. A damaged panel should be replaced immediately otherwise it may lead to the misalignment of the garage door. And although this may not look like an internal concern, a damaged panel may lead to other garage doors internal breakdown. So, address the concern as early as possible.

Rollers Replacement

Extra safety precaution is needed when replacing broken rollers. You’ll need a board wedge, clamps, and make sure the opener of the door is unplugged. Howard Garage Doors professionals are equipped with such tools and knowledge for a successful and fast roller replacements.

Spring Replacement

If a garage door spring already needs a replacement, you’ll know it. There is no need for technical and wide knowledge regarding garage door in order to identify the concern. As a homeowner or property owner, you can also learn whether the spring should be replaced. It usually sounds like a gigantic metal spring that snaps under tension. When the garage door springs are broken, you’ll also feel that the door is twice as heavy as its original weight. In this case, immediately call Howards Garage Doors. Our team will help you replace the garage door springs in no time.

Fix Torsion Springs

When torsion springs are broken, do not fix the item yourself. Call the professionals and let us handle it.

Garage Door Repairs

Whatever your garage door repair need is, our team can offer assistance and service. We’ll help you get that big moving object back to its good condition in no time.

New Garage Door Installation

A new garage door should be installed the right way, otherwise, the garage door may pose harm to everyone around. If it is not properly stored and damage something or hurt someone, you will also need to deal with unnecessary hassles and expenses. So the best thing to do is let the trained technicians install the garage door for you.