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Just like when purchasing other types of products/ services, there are also some questions that will come to mind when it comes to purchasing garage door services and accessories. Garage doors have different parts and each part needs proper maintenance and replacement over a period of time.

Instead of installing a new garage door, it is better and cost-effective to check the problem first because the situation might just be something that needs a replacement. The following are the top Frequently Asked Questions about garage doors, along with their corresponding answers:

What kind of services you provide?

We are a 24/7 local company that specializes in all kinds of commercial and residential garage door services such as spring replacement, rollers replacement, garage door panel replacement, garage door openers service, new garage door installation, fixing bent track, fixing broken cables, fixing torsion springs, and other garage door repair and services here in Houston, TX. We are expert in all garage door types with different materials, makes or models. Our emergency services are available any time and any day of the week with a same-day outcome guarantee once you give us a call. With our team of highly competent garage door specialist, we can do the job perfectly done the first time at a very reasonable price.

Do I always need to hire a garage door professional or do it on my own?

Yes, because fixing it on your own is dangerous, most especially if you are not a trained garage door repairman. If you do it yourself, the problem may just get even worse and, worst of all, you can even hurt yourself and put your life at risk if you make a serious mistake on the process. Garage door springs are one of the parts of the garage doors that have issues most of the time. Replacing the garage springs yourself can lead to serious physical injuries. The 5 most common do-it-yourself garage door spring mistakes that are committed most of the time are:

1)    Winding the torsion spring with a screwdriver instead of a winding bar. When you use a screwdriver, the garage door torsion spring can spin out of control and can possibly take your fingers off.

2)    Winding the garage door torsion spring too loosely or tightly which only a well-trained garage door expert can master the perfect calculation.

3)    Purchasing the wrong spring.

4)    Working on an open door without vice grips which can result in injuries such as broken bones, lost limbs or even death when the door falls.

5)    Taking off the garage door bottom bracket which is not a good idea because when the bolts were removed, the bracket and the cable can smack you in the face.

You’d better be safe than sorry. You can have peace of mind and be cost-effective in the long run by letting only the professionals do the job for you.

Is it required for my garage door to have maintenance?

Just like the other machines in your home, a garage door also needs proper maintenance because no matter how strong or sturdy its materials are, it can still get rusty, worn or broken over a period of time especially when it is not properly maintained. You can ensure that your garage door is in good working order by doing a visual inspection. Check if the pulleys and cables are in good condition as well as for fraying on the cables. If it makes a loud noise when opened/closed or you discovered something that needs further inspection, immediately call the help of a garage door specialist like Howard Garage Doors.

Why did my garage door opener suddenly stops working?

There are many reasons why your garage door opener just stops working unexpectedly. The top 3 reasons why it may be the case is that:

a)    There is an obstruction, the safety eyes are misaligned or the sensitivity just needs adjustment.

b)    The remote battery needs to be replaced, the power source is disrupted or the remote-control malfunctions.

c)    The lock button is on; the door is locked or has been dislodged from the track.

What type of garage door should I buy?

There are different types of garage doors available in the market out there but the 5 most popular types are the following:

1.    Steel Garage doors – They are available in multiple colors and styles and most of them are available with insulation options. They are durable, maintenance-free and have the lowest cost.

2.    Wood garage doors – they are often made from mahogany and hemlock. They are perfect for high-end homes.

3.    Vinyl Garage doors – they are great for seaside locations because they don’t rust and are extremely durable. Their price is a little bit higher than steel though.

4.    Wood composite garage doors – you can have them custom-designed and are typically less expensive than the wood one.

5.    Full view aluminum garage doors – they are the high-end type which looks great on modern-style homes and is the trending type in the industry today.

How much does a garage door cost?

The price of a garage door cost varies depending on a wide range of factors such as regional conditions. With us here at Howard Garage Doors, you can give us a call for a no-obligation estimate so we can help you can get an accurate price for the particular product that you are considering.

What does a broken garage door spring look like?

Standard torsion springs typically have a 2 to 3-inch separation in one of the door springs. If the extension spring is broken, you’ll notice that the spring is hanging down from the track or is laying on the floor which makes the garage door slightly crooked. Garage door springs are the parts of the door which are naturally under a great amount of tension so they are more likely to be problematic than the other parts of the garage door. If you think that something is wrong with it, call a trained specialist to have it checked and repaired.

Garage doors are one of the biggest moving machines in our home that work as our first in line protection against burglary and theft. Though they are also our main entrance to the house, a lot of us tend to ignore or take them for granted most of the time. So your garage doors are not properly working, making a loud noise when opened or closed, has broken springs or worn-out panels? Give us a call – we’ll be more than happy to help you out.