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Houston, TX Fix Torsion Springs

Do you know how your garage door works? For some of you, a garage door is just a typical sight in your house and that there’s no special thing about it. If you think this way, maybe you’re one of those lucky people who doesn’t yet encounter the inconveniences caused by garage door issues like garage door springs. You would know more about this spring below and know the essential garage door services that you needed.

Though some are guilty of neglecting it, you would surely have a change of heart and started to care for it and know its importance in your house when it suddenly malfunctioned. Your garage doors are one of the prominent entry points that should never be taken for granted.   It performs a vital role to make your car safe and sound.

Types of Garage Door’s Spring System

Every part of your garage door (such as its spring) have a specific function to perform and when any of those have malfunctioned, it will lead to unwanted or unbalanced garage door functions.

The garage door in your home uses a type of counterbalance system that utilizes a certain force in order to balance the weights of your garage door.  The assisting force in every garage door depends on the type of spring that it has. There are two type spring systems that a garage door may have.  These are the extension spring system and the torsion spring system.

Extension Spring System

The extension spring system is a type of garage door spring system in which the springs are mounted to the garage door’s cables, and in turn, mounted to the door’s bottom corner. The springs are being stretched when the door is closed and when it is opened, the extended springs will be responsible for lifting the door.

Torsion Spring System

On the other hand, torsion spring system of a garage door is probably the most typical spring system that you may see in a garage door.  These are commonly mounted in horizontally way over the garage door’s opening. When your garage door moves down, the cables mounted to the bottom part of the door wind the springs up, which produces stored energy. 

What to Do When Torsion Springs Broke Down?

Whether what type of spring system that you have in your garage door, all of these plays a crucial role in maintaining a smooth running function of your garage door. These overhead springs are responsible for lifting the heavy operation of your garage door. 

Due to the vast responsibility laid on these springs, it is much subjected to varied damages. In other words, due to its heavy function and loads, it can break down as time passed. When this happens what would be the best thing that you could do? Shall you change it or repair by yourselves?

Dealing with garage door spring problems is not a typical and simple job to perform. If you understand a little on how a spring operates in a garage door, the garage door problems and damages might just turn into bigger problems.  Of course, no one would want greater problems to arise.

In this kind of garage door situation, calling for the attention and response of efficient and trusted garage door spring services will be one of the vital actions to do. This will not just lessen your burden, you are also reducing the chances of getting more serious spring repair.  Your garage door spring system problems will be effectively solved by Howard Garage Doors.

The Best Houston, TX Fix Torsion Springs Services

Maybe you are troubled on which spring repair services to choose.  But in Houston Texas, you should call for a truly trusted and expert provider of garage door services like Howard Garage Doors.    

They are composed of professional and expert technicians

With several years of serving vast customers in Houston Texas, the team has gained vital experiences, knowledge, and methods on how to make their work more efficient and remarkable.  To prevent further damages, just let us know whenever your torsion springs malfunctioned. We have expert persons in the team to perfectly and quickly solve your torsion spring issues.


Howard Garage Doors is committed and very dedicated to giving you the best torsion spring services.  The team is very much competent when it comes to replacement, repair or even fixing each problem that you may have in your garage door. With the experiences, professionalism, and dedication, the company gained positive feedback and good reputation.   

24/7 Emergency Garage Door Spring Services

Since the garage door is one of the important parts of your home, it is extremely vital for you to have professional people to call whenever you need an emergency garage door torsion spring services.

With that, Houston, TX Fix Torsion Springs of Howard garage Door will be one great service to choose. We have the competent and fully alert professional technicians that will immediately assist you even in the middle of the night. Just give us a call and we’ll quickly resolve your garage door worries.

High Regards to Customer Convenience

In our every work, Howard Garage Doors’ team sees to it that their work will give a hundred percent safety assurance to customers. Since garage door is almost used every day, people using it should always be comfortable and safe when using it. Our team totally knows the important role that a garage door plays, that’s why they do things with precision, care, expertise, and professionalism.

Other Beneficial Garage Door Services Offered

We offer a wide range of garage door services in Houston Texas. Aside from Houston, TX Fix Torsion Springs services, we also provide service along the following: 

Repair of Broken springs

Replacing broken torsion springs

Replacing, fixing or repairing broken cables

Repairing, replacing garage door bent tracks


Our team has high regards and concern to the convenience of our clients that is why the team is fully committed to work and bring back your comfort through rendering an efficient garage door services that will be available all the time.