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Spring Replacement Services

High-Quality Spring Replacement Services in Houston, TX

Garage doors these days do not only keep our vehicles safe and secure but also the entire home. They also function as the main entrance to our property. When it comes to garage doors, one of the most common parts to break are the springs. When they do, this can result in being trapped or locked either outside or inside of your own home. If you are looking for a Houston, TX spring replacement services company that can help you with your garage door needs, then you landed in the right place.

Why Spring Replacement is Necessary?

Garage doors are usually located in the exterior part of the home. This means that they are exposed to the elements that can cause deterioration and damage to the doors through time. If you notice that your garage door springs are broken, they never leave it unrepaired. Just take it for granted as the situation is more likely to be more dangerous and costlier. It would be cost-effective in the long run to immediately seek help from a professional Houston, TX spring replacement services company like Howard Garage Doors.

Why is it highly necessary to replace your garage door springs? Just like the other machines that we can see and use in our home, the garage door springs have a limited lifespan as well. Their lifespan can be measured in terms of cycles that is completed when the garage door goes up and down. The maximum springs life expectancy of a garage door is about 10,000 cycles. You can determine how long the springs of the garage door will last based on the following cycles:

    twice a day – approximately 14 years

    4 times a day – approximately 7 years

    6 times a day – approximately 5 years

    8 times a day – approximately 3 years

When the garage door spring finally reached the limit of its life cycle, this will be the time that it will break and will stop from functioning properly. When this happens, it is highly recommended to have your Houston, TX spring replacement needs addressed by a professional company.

Why Not Replace the Garage Door Springs Yourself?

With a lot of do-it-yourself videos making rounds online, is it possible for you to replace the springs of your garage door all by yourself? If you’re a professional, have an outstanding power or strength or you just don’t fear to get your family and properties exposed to burglars and other safety threats, then you can do so. You may not fully realize it but garage door springs play a very critical role in the totality of the largest moving machine in your home.

Garage doors springs are designed to counter-balance the weight of the door as it opens and closes. It makes it easy to open the doors manually or with a garage door opener. Due to consistent use, the springs can get weak and eventually break that would then require a Houston, TX spring replacement. Replacing the springs involves lifting more than half the weight of the door that can result in serious physical injuries.

Attempting to replace the garage door springs all by yourself can also be very dangerous considering the amount of tension involved in your garage door system. This is the main reason why you should let the Houston, TX spring replacement professionals to the job for you.

Why Choose Howard Garage Doors?

If you need help with your garage door springs issues and you’ve finally decided to call a professional – the only problem is that which company should you call? It can really be overwhelming and confusing to decide with the fact that there’s a lot of service companies offering Houston, TX spring replacement. How can you choose the right company that can cater your specific garage door needs?

One of the companies that offer high-quality Houston, TX spring replacement services is Howard Garage Doors. We can replace the springs in all possible makes and models of garage doors. You can always count on us as we are a local company that is open 24/7 so we will be there for you in no time to help you out. With our team of licensed, well-experienced experts and state of the art equipment – we’ll get the job perfectly done the first time.

Our Houston, TX spring replacement services include:

    Single torsion spring replacement (for lightweight garage doors)

    Double torsion spring replacement (for sturdier garage doors)

    Non-standard conversions of the spring system

    Extension and torsion spring replacement

    High-cycle spring replacement

We know exactly that broken garage door springs are very risky and need an immediate attention. It can break anytime and any day of the week that’s why our services are available 24/7. We are concerned about you and your whole family’s safety so we guarantee you that our emergency services will be there as soon as possible.

Contact us for your Houston, TX spring replacement needs

Whether it is an issue with your residential or commercial garage door, Howard Garage Doors will be there in an instant to give help you out. We truly understand how important it is to keep your garage door properly working. We are very much committed to providing only the highest quality Houston, TX spring replacement services to our valued clients in the area. In addition to that, we also believe that you don’t have to pay a big amount of money to have your garage doors springs repaired or replaced. That’s why we offer our professional services at a very affordable and reasonable price.         

When you have a broken garage door springs, let Howard Garage Doors handle the job for you. We are confident that we can safely replace the springs the first time. We have the right kinds of equipment needed to replace a broken garage door spring. With our same-day service, you can now rest and have peace of mind knowing that your Houston, TX spring replacement needs will be done properly.